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Event Archive

  • Arduino Day
    March 2015

  • Shinaz farewell pics
    January 2004

  • Sunday sKool - SpinOut - PC Music workshop
    29 April 2001 - we all had a phat time, here's the story and some pics

  • Sunday sKool outing to the Wondercaves - the cradle of humankind
    Decemberl 2000 - here is the story and some pictures

  • Sunday sKool trip to the Magaliesberg
    April 2000 - here are some pictures

  • Outing to Tswaing Impact Crater
    December 1998 - here is a story about it

  • Explosive 97

  • Public Internet Access: making IT happen
    a discussion with Peter Benjamin of the National Information Technology Forum @ 18H00 on the 18th September 1996

  • "Whistling past the grave: the past, present and future of the Apple Mac"
    Philip Machanick on a Mac-centred universe at the MilkyWay Internet Cafe on the Wednesday evening of the 23rd October 1996.